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Educating students with excellence and Christian values in El Salvador since 1960

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Christian values, technology, education and innovation for all levels from Kindergarten to High School

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Sixty years forming integral leaders with Christian values and academic excellence in El Salvador



About Colegio Nazareth

Our Mission

We are an educational institution that provides the integral formation of the student, by promoting quality in education, based on the principles of the Bible.

Our Vision

To be the Christian institution in Santa Tecla, based on educating its students so that they can transform, through their actions, the community where they reside with spiritual and intellectual values.

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Together we can be a blessing to our education community

What people say about Colegio Nazareth

The students of Colegio Nazareth are a sample of the wide range of ingenuity and creativity that young people have in our country.

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6 Calle Ote 5-2,
Santa Tecla

Contact us

Consultas telefónicas: 2212-6530

WhatsApp: 7988-5997

WhatsApp (COLECTURÍA) 7026-0559

WhatsApp (SOPORTE TÉCNICO) 7988-8155


Email :

Hours of operations

08:00am – 4:00pm

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Verse of the day
Y Jehová va delante de ti; él estará contigo, no te dejará, ni te desamparará; no temas ni te intimides.